Our Story

"The strongest brands possess themselves to be emotionally strong in connection”
- Vincent Suppa

Timbaobjects Technologies Ltd. is a start-up company that was founded in 2009 and is based in Lagos, Nigeria. TimbaObjects provides software development services for companies and organizations targeted at mobile phone platforms which include native applications, mobile web, IVR and SMS. Why mobile technology? The growing availability of data exchange makes mobile technology an area of vast opportunites to come up with products that will touch and enrich peoples lives. We strive to use mobile technology to make it easier for people to accomplish tasks in their everyday lives.

TimbaObjects has partnered with companies like National Democratic Institute(NDI), and UNICEF to develop applications for Non-govermental Organizations (NGOs). We try our best to give excellent services to our customers. We have a highly skilled development team. Team TO is passion driven and our dream is to become a world class company someday. We at TimbaObjects have a great non-conventional working culture, as a result we love what we do. What can we say? Our ideas are our inspiration!

Our products are user centered, and we strive to come up with end products that are easy to use, usable and reliable. Visit our Portfolio Page to catch a glimpse of some of our projects and services.