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NSE Data API usage report

It’s been two weeks since we launched our Nigerian Stock Exchange data API. We decided to do some analytics on the API usage yesterday and to our amazement, we’ve received a total of 665 hits on our API since launch on July 13th, 2011. Certainly some of this requests don’t translate into valid requests. Here’s a breakdown:

Response Type Response Code Hits
OK (Successful API requests) 200 410
OK (All successful requests) 200 439
Forbidden (Unauthenticated Requests) 403 9
Not Found 404 182

Breakdown of HTTP Request Types

The large number of Not Found requests were generated by trojans making requests like /PhpMyAdmin and other such requests (they were probably looking for security loopholes).

Of the 23 API tokens that have been provisioned, we have a 65% usage on those keys. Here’s a distribution of the requests we’ve received from those keys:

Requests Users %
1 4 26%
2 4 26%
3 1 7%
4 2 13%
5 2 13%
8 1 7%
369 1 7%

Requests Vs API Users

In order to make the points in the chart fit within a reasonable chart size, the topmost dot was reduced.